About us

FINS – an easy to learn and robustly designed application software for your business operations to simplify and strengthen its capabilities by providing strong dynamic features and MIS capabilities. FINS, developed on the Oracle platform, has the ability to offer you a one-stop-solution across many business related applications, such as Human Resources, Payroll, Finance & Fixed Assets, Warehousing & Distribution, and General Freight Forwarding etc.

The different flavor of Fins has got its own individuality on any business analysis and data processing. The freight forwarding software package comes along with Fins is capable of handling freight forwarding related business. The warehouse management system on the other side is capable of handling supply chain management related operations. The heart of the Fins is the finance module which is integrated to all other modules, if required, and capable of managing finance related data independently. The human resource management and payroll management module is helpful in handling employee data and their salary processing.

FINS, deployed on a web server has the advantage in offering integrated services, capturing all transactions in a single module, for any company involved. The system has the capacity for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the transfer of data between different companies using networks, such as the Internet. As more and more companies get connected to the Internet, EDI becomes increasingly important as an easy mechanism for companies to carry out their core businesses.

FINS – Functionally Integrated Solution is an ERP Solution for small to medium business companies to manage their data efficiently combining various business activities through various modules with fool proof integration amongst each other.